Urban adventures in the Israeli Mediterranean metropole

1. Enjoy the beach life

Tel Aviv has 13 magnificent beaches. You’ll find one for every taste. The municipality takes good care of them.


You can rent chairs, sunbeds, and umbrellas. Showers, changing rooms, lifeguards, and security services are provided. Just pick one from the list and enjoy the beach fun at its best.

Good to know: The crowds are significantly smaller in the morning than in the afternoon.

2. Walk or bike along the promenade all the way to Old Jaffa

The views along the coast are phenomenal. When you reach Jaffa, you’ll feel a hint of ancient orient just minutes away from modern skyscrapers in Tel Aviv’s business district.


3. Make a wish at the wishing bridge of Jaffa

On the way down from the peak park of the Old City, pause for a moment at the wooden bridge, hold on to your bronze zodiac sign, look deeply at sea and make a wish. Legend says it will come true!

4. Enjoy drum rhythms on Friday afternoon

Every Friday afternoon, musicians from all over Israel gather at the northern side of the Dolphinarium to welcome Shabbat with music. It’s a great place to feel the vibe of the city and enjoy a magical sunset over the Mediterranean.


5. Stroll around the empty streets on Shabbat morning

During Shabbat, the time stands still. That is a unique opportunity to enjoy a little quiet time in Tel Aviv’s White City – a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The area around Rothschild Boulevard comprises the world’s largest concentration of Modernist-style buildings inspired by Bauhaus.

6. Eat out and enjoy the nightlife

Tel Aviv is full of delicious restaurants. Picking just one is hard. The longer you explore the city, the more places pop up in front of your eyes. If you take a walk in the Kerem HaTeimanim neighborhood around noon, you’ll find some lovely small cafes.


In the evening, pubs around the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv are filled with locals, students, and travelers.

A word of advice: During Shabbat, many restaurants are closed. Also, public transportation and even trains from Ben Gurion Airport to the city don’t run. You can only use taxis to get around.

7. Stay at an Airbnb

Skip big chain hotels and choose private accommodation for your stay in Tel Aviv. Chatting with a friendly landlord about the local life and getting great tips about the surroundings and the whole country is priceless.

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