A quick guide for a short trip to the Bavarian Capital

Bavarian breakfast

Start your morning with the traditional Bavarian white sausage breakfast – Weißwurstfrühstück. Legend says that the first white sausage ever was produced in a tavern on Marienplatz in 1857.

The breakfast is served with a glass of wheat beer (Weißbier), sweet mustard (süßer Senf) and a Bavarian pretzel (Brezen). Traditionally, Weißwurst should be served and eaten only before noon. Many restaurants still keep it this way.

One of our favourite places for the Weißwurstfrühstück is Schneider Bräuhaus in Tal. It’s only a few steps away from Marienplatz. The Schneider family has been brewing wheat beer for generations, and the selection in their restaurant is exquisite. You can try everything from the “original” Weißbier to specialities brewed from imported New Zealand hops.

Tip: Always check the alcohol content of the beer before ordering. Some Schneider beers are as strong as 12%! But there is also a tasty alcohol-free alternative.

Bird’s-eye view

After good breakfast, check out the city from above. There are two places close to Marienplatz, from where you can enjoy a perfect panorama. The best known, but often crowded is the tower of the St. Peter’s Church (Alter Peter Kirche). You’ll need to climb 300 stairs to get to the top. The less known alternative is the tower of Munich Town Hall. A lift will conveniently take you to the top.

Good to know: From October to April the Town Hall tower is open only on weekdays. In the summer, you can get to the top every day.

Alter Peter_004

Admire the Glockenspiel at Marienplatz

Afterwards, walk around the streets of the old town. Don’t miss the Glockenspiel, a 16th-century wedding story performed by bells and life-sized figures at the New Town Hall. The performance is a magnet for tourists from all over the world, there might be lots of selfie-sticks blocking the view.

The Glockenspiel tunes up every day at 11 am, at noon and from March to October additionally at 5 pm.

Grab a bite at Viktualienmarkt

Viktualienmarkt, Munich’s daily food market (except Sundays and public holidays) is a beautiful place to get some refreshments. Whether you prefer a glass of freshly squeezed juice, a giant pickle to-go or a glass of beer, you’ll find everything there.

A walk through the market will whet your appetite for lunch. Around Marienplatz, you’ll find many overpriced restaurants, where the food is often mediocre.

Avoid tourist traps and look for a nice place in one of the side streets. For example, try the restaurant Laurin located in the corner of Viktualienmarkt and enjoy yourself on their sunny terrace. If you are in a hurry, get a to-go Bavarian fast-food snack – Leberkäsesemmel – from one of the traditional butcheries.

Munich royal palace & Hofgarten

From Viktualienmarkt you can conveniently walk to Munich royal palace (Residenz). It used to be seat to Bavarian monarchs of the Wittelsbach family. In the WW II, the palace was completely destroyed, and reconstruction works took nearly 40 years. Today, the décor inside reminds visitors of the former glory of the monarchy. If you want to get in, plan 2-3 hours for the tour.


Don’t forget to touch the muzzle of at least one bronze lion guarding the Residenz, it brings luck.

Walk through the Renaissance Court Garden (Hofgarten) in the palace’s backyard. The pavilion in the garden’s centre is dedicated to goddess Diana and is often a spot for spontaneous concerts.

English Garden & Chinese Tower

From Hofgarten, it’s only a few steps to one of the biggest city park in the world, the English Garden (Englischer Garten). Be sure to stop by Munich’s famous whole year surfer spot, the Eisbach wave (Eisbachwelle).

Continue towards the beer garden at Chinese Tower for a glass of Helles or Summer beer and enjoy the Bavarian Gemütlichkeit for a while.

Dinner & Drinks in Glockenbach

Form the English Garden, take the tram No. 16 (form Tivolistraße) towards Glockenbachviertel (Reichenbachplatz or Müllerstraße). The lovely neighbourhood was once home to legends like Freddie Mercury. Today it’s a web of restaurants, bars, hype take-outs and dance clubs with a long tradition.

One of our favourite places for an evening drink is München 72 at Holzstraße. Inside they use original sports equipment from 1972 Munich Olympics as furniture. In the neighbourhood, you’ll find many good restaurants as well. For great food and unique atmosphere head to Ferdings tapas restaurant.

A word of advice: Good places are booked out on weekends. Book a table at least 3-4 days in advance, for a bigger group even up to a week before.

Relax and enjoy yourself on a sunny day in the Bavarian Capital!

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