Ski day trips from Munich for those who don’t own a car

Munich’s location near the Alps makes it a good starting point for day ski trips. Even if you don’t own a car, there are several options to get to the slopes from the Bavarian capital.


Train Ride

Skiparadies Sudelfeld

Sudelfeld, located close to the municipality of Bayrischzell, offers about 30 km of ski slopes. Its altitude makes it a perfect place for beginners and those who don’t like freezing temperatures.


From Munich, you can conveniently get there with the BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn) in about 60 minutes from central station. Get off at Bayrischzell, from where a ski bus will take you to the slopes.


Good to know: Be careful about the coach order. The train splits up on the way and goes in 3 different directions. Be sure to get on the carriage to ‘Bayrischzell’.

Zugspitze & Garmisch Classic

There are 2 ski areas around Germany’s highest peak – Zugspitze. The glacier slopes of Zugspitze resort are only 13 kilometres long. In Garmisch Classic you can enjoy yourself on 40 kilometres. If you are up to it, try the famous Kandahar descent, where FIS ski races are held.


In winter, Deutsche Bahn offers special train & all-day ski ticket combinations from Munich for both resorts. For Zugspitze, you need to get off in Garmisch-Partenkirchen station and change to Zugspitzbahn. For Garmisch Classic, the train halts directly by the slopes at Hausberg. Both rides take about 90 minutes.


Tip: Lockers are provided at Hausberg, so you don’t need to carry shoes in your backpack all day long.

Car Sharing

As of the winter season 2019/2020, it appears none of the car-sharing providers in Munich offers a ski package deal. We are currently using Sixt Share for spontaneous short trips.


DriveNow offers a ski package for the SKi-Optimal Hochfügen-Hochzillertal resort where more than 80 kilometres of slopes await. It is located in Zillertal valley in Austria, about 130 km away from Munich. The drive takes around two hours. On arrival, you can park your DriveNow directly at the gondola lift and pick up your tickets at the information centre without queuing.


The top of the resort lies 2.500 metres above sea level. Thus snow is guaranteed (almost) throughout the whole season. You can book the package directly in the car through the ‘Experience packages’ option. There is no need for pre-booking.


You’ll find more info here:

Tip: Follow the route for Achenpass through Lenggries to avoid Austrian motorways, where you’d need to buy a vignette.

Spitzingsee and Brauneck

With BeeZero you can try a hydrogen-powered car. The company cooperates with the smaller ski-resorts in the Bavarian Prealps. They offer 1 free adult day ski ticket for Brauneck-Bergbahn (22 km of slopes) or Bergbahnen Spitzingsee (20 km of slopes).

It takes about an hour to get there. The resorts are perfect for beginners and kids, but with the right conditions also experienced skiers can have some good time there. However, the relatively low altitude makes the snow cover vulnerable.

Bus Trips

Several bus companies offer day packages to Austrian ski resorts. Reasonable prices are their biggest seller. We aren’t huge fans of bus rides though.


From providers available in Munich, we only tried Studenten im Schnee, where students organise trips to different resorts throughout the season. We used them as students many times and were happy with their service.

Here is a list of more bus companies:


Whether you choose the train, car-sharing, or a bus trip, we wish you a great day full of powder fun!

3 Replies to “Ski fun around Munich”

  1. Haven’t skied in years. And don’t think I still could. Bad back. A question:
    Are ski slopes as crowded with people now as any other travel destination?
    Or can one still find nice, empty places?


    1. Hi. You should try it again. The resorts are getting bigger. If you come during the week and avoid school holidays of the countries around, you will find some empty slopes. Saturday is a good day to, because the slots in the hotels change and everyone drives back home or has just arrived, so the resorts aren’t so full. Avoid Sundays. 🤗

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