7 reasons why you should visit Malta in winter

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Malta, the tiny Mediterranean state, is full of natural and historical gems. We think winter is the perfect season to explore it. Here are seven reasons why.

1. No crowds

Malta is a small island state. In high season, the sights get crowded. If you want to avoid squeezing through narrow streets of Valletta and Mdina or waiting in line for tickets to Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temples, winter is the best time.

Also, the (almost) empty beaches provide a perfect setting for a romantic sunset watching.

2. Green landscape

In summer, Malta stays hot and dry. As winter approaches, rainfall transforms Maltese cliffs and landscape into blossoming meadows.


Enjoy the view over the Mediterranean Sea from the flowery Dingli Cliffs.

3. Warm weather

For inhabitants of Mediterranean states, Maltese winter temperatures are nothing special. However, we “Northerners” appreciated the mild evenings and sunny days very much.


4. Early sunset

Head to Malta’s west coast for a sunset over the sea. We enjoyed it at the Golden Bay Beach and the nearby cliffs by Ghajn Tuffieha Tower.


For the illuminated Valletta skyline, take a ferry to Sliema. We spotted a big terrace in the Marks & Spencer shopping centre overlooking the bay and Valletta’s old town.


Photo tip: Bring a long lens. The terrace is a great place to take a picture of the Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

The restaurant isn’t anything special, but the view is phenomenal. Because the sun sets early, you don’t need to worry about closing hours and can appreciate the view to the fullest until the sunset.

5. Bars & Restaurants

Maltese cuisine reflects the cultural mix of the island, where the Mediterranean and especially the Sicilian influence mixes with English, French and Maghreb cuisine. The long winter evenings invite to experience the atmosphere of Valletta’s fantastic restaurant and bar scene.

Malta_ Marsaxlokk_003.jpg

Try the surprise dinner menu at Legligin featuring a fine selection of Maltese kitchen and great wine. For a digestive, head to Yard 32, probably the best gin bar in the history of gin.

6. Low prices

Travelling off-season is convenient. Malta is no exception. Whether it’s the flight, the accommodation or dinner. The prices stay significantly lower in winter.

Malta_ Marsaxlokk_001.jpg

7. European Capital of Culture

Starting with NYE 2018, Valletta becomes European Capital of Culture.


For the whole year, a series of cultural events, including concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances, and operas, will take place in Valletta.

Go ahead and book your flight to the Maltese islands in winter. Enjoy the sunny weather and soak up the atmosphere during the long evenings.

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