We are Veronika and Martin Srna. As our family name translates from Slovak as Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), we decided to call our blog Capreoli Round the World.

We love discovering new destinations. It doesn’t matter if we travel to exotic countries, visit European cities or simply spend an afternoon in or around Munich. We are always curious and looking for new experiences. Travel globally, book locally is our goal.

And that’s what our blog will be about. We will share our travel stories, some useful tips for trip planning and amazing photographs.

We originally come from Slovakia. We live in Munich now, and like getting out as often as possible.

After ten years of living in the Capital of Bavaria, we got to know the city and its surroundings pretty well. We are glad to share this knowledge and show you how to spend fantastic time in and around the town apart from the common touristy paths.

When traveling, we always organize our trips alone. We plan the itinerary, book the accommodation and arrange the travels. We look forward to sharing first-hand information about the destinations we already visited.

We both work full-time, so our trips have schedules that fit our jobs. We’d like to show you, that you can enjoy your travels, even if you can’t afford several weeks off work.

The posts are mainly written by Veronika and the photos taken by Martin.

If, after reading a post, there still are any unanswered questions, you can contact us or leave a comment in English, German, Italian or Slovak/Czech.

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